About Us

PT Panorama Sentrawisata Tbk (IDX: PANR) was established in 1995 as a holding company and were publicly listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in September 2001.

PT WEHA Transportasi Indonesia Tbk (IDX: WEHA) and PT Destinasi Tirta Nusantara Tbk (IDX: PDES) are both a subsidiary of PT Panorama Sentrawisata Tbk and were listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2007 and 2009 respectively.

PT Panorama Sentrawisata Tbk, along with its subsidiaries, is well-positioned to deliver an optimized and sustainable return for all our stakeholders through the alignment between the positive market trajectory along with the pro-tourism government programs. Therefore, PT Panorama Sentrawisata Tbk is heading to a better future and is committing to “Bringing Smiles To Millions” and to “Become the pride of Indonesia”.




Pak Adhi Tirtawisata started the company under the name PT Regina Alta Panorama Tours


PT Panorama Sentrawisata was established as a holding company

Formed an inbound division under the name of PT Destinasi Tirta Nusantara
1997 Formed an outbound division under the name PT Panorama Tours Indonesia
1999 Partnered strategically (“Joint Venture”) with Carlson Wagonlit Travel


Formed a media division under the name PT Panorama Multimedia


PT Panorama Sentrawisata was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) with the ticker: PANR

Formed a transportation division under the name PT Panorama Transportasi


Partnered strategically (“Joint Venture”) with Chan Brothers Travel from Singapore

2007 - 2008

PT Panorama Transportasi was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) with the ticker: WEHA

PT Destinasi Tirta Nusantara was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) with the ticker: PDES
2013 Renamed PT Panorama Multimedia into PT Panorama Media


Initialized product digitalization through the development of mobile apps and web applications.

Renamed PT Panorama Transportasi into PT WEHA Transportasi Indonesia


PT Panorama Tours Indonesia underwent a joint venture with Japan Travel Bureau Corp. ("JTB") and the name was transformed into PT Panorama JTB Tours Indonesia


To make the World belong to Panorama

Our vision is to become the real industry leader in all the markets and businesses we enter. To do so, we intend to have a strong & local global presence and competitiveness, to synergize all our resources to maximize values to our stakeholders, and to contribute sustainable meaningful values to human life.


To make Panorama belong to the World

Our mission is to intelligently and passionately deliver unique values and pleasant experiences through innovative and excellent services. Through Panorama's leading expertise for tourism management and related businesses, we aim to delight our stakeholders with sustainable growth and great value.

Core Value

Our core values stemmed from our SPIRIT, with each letter representing a strong identity of ourselves and what is important to us.

Our Service Soul


Delivering as promised, consistently


Making things easy for customers


Making customers feel good

Fair Value

Providing best-possible benefits

Unique Experience

Creating “one-of-a-kind” moments

Flexible Solutions

Smartly addressing customers needs & expectations


Valuing customers by meaningful appreciation & respect