Why Join Us

Panorama is a multicultural and multi-generational company. Our strengths lies on these diversified cluster of individuals and we search for people who are action-oriented, passion and purpose-driven at their work. At Panorama, we believe that each individual has a valuable talent that can be nurtured and developed together. To that end, we encourage those who are determined to grow their skills further to not hesitate and express yourself. There has been various talents, regardless of your position, nurtured at Panorama, for instance, become a temporary tour leader for overseas trips, an MC for an event, or to even become a local tour guide for foreign tourists. Wherever your talent lies, we are there to develop it further. So if you’re hungry enough, hesitate no more and come and talk with us.

Any Question About Applying at Panorama ?

Our application process system is still under development,
if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at recruitment@panorama-group.com