Corporate Social Resposibility

Achieving Responsible Tourism

Tourism is a sector that connects many aspects, from human / human resources, the environment, and local communities. Hence, Panorama considers these important aspects to foster business growth for the common good in carrying out its business practices.

Panorama puts the foundation of Sustainability through People-Planet-Prosperity-Peace-Partnership (5P) approach. By putting these five elements, Tourism will positioned as everyside's interest, where each party will maintain tourism destinations by protecting the environment, respect local values, and provide social-economics benefits to the surrounding communities.

Panorama Group's Sustainable Tourism activities are managed under Panorama Foundation (Yayasan Panorama Anugerah), a foundation that engaged in social-environment affairs with a focus on the tourism sector.

Panorama Indonesia - Movement

Our program to invite PEOPLE to protect and love nature and environment (PLANET) as the object of tourism through implementing ‘Sapta Pesona’, a value of Indonesia tourism which consist of: safe, orderly, clean, cool, beautiful, welcoming, and memorable. The application can be :

  • Nature and Culture Conservation
  • Donation for basic/regular school utilities (books, laptop, etc)
  • Creative activities which related to Tourism (photography, sketch, travel writing, short movie)
Panorama Berdaya - Sustainability

Our program is to do PARTNERSHIP through empowering local communities to achieve PROSPERITY for all stakeholders. The ideal of this scheme is inclusive business that toward to sustainability in tourism. The application can be:

  • Capacity building for SMEs : tourism village, homestay, and tourism related entrepreneurship
  • Vocational to tourism school, academy, or other education institution.
  • Scholarship for vocational schools which have tourism study
Panorama Peduli - Pylanthropy

Our program is to relief PEOPLE which as the victim of natural disasters. This action can be implemented through:

  • Fundraising and donation to natural disaster victims (flood, earthquake, mount eruption, etc)
  • Collective social activity (blood donation, mass circumcission, etc)
  • Scholarship program for basic level (elementary-junior school)