Started its debut as public company in 2001 and strive to be the best company that always bringing smiles to million of customers

PT. Panorama Sentrawisata (the Company) was established in 1995 and started its commercial operations in 1998. It is operated in three business sectors: Tourism, Transportation, and Hospitality that encompassing 5 (five) lines of business pillar: Inbound, Travel & Leisure, Transportation, Media and Hospitality pillars.

On September 2001 the Company had been listed as a public company and got a new predicate as Tbk. (PT. Panorama Sentrawisata Tbk.) and traded his new shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, referred as PANR.

PANR become a holding company of over than 20 subsidiaries and about 25 brands in it, some of them are joint-venture companies with prestigious global strategic partners.

PANR, now has transformed into an integrated group of companies covering the area of Destination Management, Travel & Leisure Management, Convention and Exhibition, Media, Publication, Food and Beverage, Transportation, and Hospitality. We are dedicated to innovation, excellent services and sustainable values to the community and to the environment where we operate.

Two Divisions under PANR had become public companies, listed and traded their new shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange as well; they were PT. Panorama Transportasi Tbk. referred as WEHA and PT. Destinasi Tirta Nusantara Tbk. (Panorama Destination) referred as PDES.

We envision a better future through our commitment in delivering ‘experience life’ and becoming a truly Indonesia’s pride...!